Summer Desserts and Resident Feedback

Summer is officially here, and we are loving this July weather! The days are longer, and we are looking for ways to beat the heat. A cool refreshing treat can be just what you need right now. Using your state-of-the-art kitchen here at The Burton, check out these delicious treats to make all summer long- even all year long! 

Lemon Bars are always a great dessert for summer, as lemons are in season all summer long. With bright bursts of lemon, buttery sweetness, and crispy crust, these easy lemon bars will be irresistible.

Dirt Dessert may not sound appetizing, but you will soon fall in love with it. With ingredients like Oreos, cheesecake filling, and gummy worms- there’s no way to go wrong.

Remember, if you don’t feel like making anything from scratch, an ice cream sundae bar will be just the thing you need! 

Whenever you need a break from the outdoor weather, take some time to create any of these tasty desserts. While you are at it, everyone here at The Burton would love to take in some of your feedback. It is always an honor to receive reviews from our community members, specifically about some of our recent events.

So, while enjoying some time indoors please send us some feedback using this link: