Linger Over a Latte at Creative Grounds DC

Looking for a fun challenge for 2022 to explore fun spots in the city? Make it a goal to try one new coffee shop a month. First on your list should be Creative Grounds DC! This local favorite has been around in the Bloomingdale area for a few years and is not only a coffee shop but also an art and community hub. While they’re still getting back to “normal” after COVID, they used to offer some really great adult art workshops from time to time. Here’s to hoping they’ll bring that back sometime soon! 

For now, you’ll just have to enjoy all their locally sourced treats and beverages! They make an impact by supporting other local purveyors to stock the cafe. Some treats you can expect on any given day are pastries from Happy Valley Baking, jams and pastries from Pump Up the Jam, tea from Teff & Co., coffee from Nagadi Roaster, and cookies from Dem Cookies. Pop in and give it a taste while browsing the art on display!