Philz Coffee: Freshly Brewed Coffee with Unique Aromatic Flavors and Blends

Philz Coffee is the place to go for a good cup of Joe and a friendly face, in downtown Washington D.C. What started as convenience store coffee, owner and entrepreneur Phil finally decided to take his passion for coffee making to the next level and officially opened Philz Coffee in 1978. Now Philz Coffee is the place that everyone goes for tasty dark roast and even friendlier service. 

Phil has always taken care and attention to brewing unique blends of coffee bean flavors that attest to the different cultures they hail from. The darker blends offered include Jacobs Wonderbar which has notes of dark chocolate and nuts, Tesora which is noted for having a caramel flavor, and finally Aromatic Arabic which has a smoky, earthy flavor. Medium blends include the silken splendor which has notes of dark cocoa and citrus and the Philtered Soul which is a hazelnut coffee blend with a hint of chocolate. Lighter blends you can choose from include the Ambrosia coffee of God which is a flavorful roast with blackberry and grape notes or the New Manhattan which has notes of cherry and an underlying floral aroma. 

You can stop by their adorable little coffee shop located in Washington D.C., or even just shop online at to get your freshly ground coffee delivered right to your door.